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An ingredient added to our salads and other food items, Lettuce is one of the healthiest leafy vegetable of all times. Also known as Lactuca Sativa, this leafy vegetable is rich in antioxidants like Vitamin C and also nutrients like potassium. This vegetable controls inflammation and can also control several other diseases.

Check out all the benefits associated with having lettuce below.

Lettuce can induce sleep

This benefit dates back to medieval times. It contains lactucarium, which is a chemical that has effects like opium. Lactucarium is a white substance in the leaf. It helps one relax and also enhances sleep. Lettuce has no side effects at all.

Fights inflammation

Lettuce contains proteins names as Lipoxygenase that helps control inflammation. Veggies that are rich in Vitamin K can lower inflammation and adding them to your diet definitely has a good effect. The darker lettuce is filled with antioxidants that has anti-inflammatory properties.

Aids weight loss

Lettuce can also help in losing weight. It is ideal and hence you will notice them being added in salads. It includes all sorts of nutrients. Lettuce is low in energy density. It grants 1 cup of fiber that can keep you full for long. Opt for darker lettuce as it is highest in nutrition. It is low in fat and hence it helps lose weight easily. Add a large leaf of this one chopped in small pieces to everyday food items.

It includes anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties

Both these properties can eliminate various types of yeasts. It definitely can protect your body from microbes that are harmful.  Since lettuce includes terpenes and cardenolides, it is easier to fight bacterial problems.

Enhances brain health

Damage to brain can lead to death of neuronal cells and also diseases like Alzheimer’s. Lettuce can help control death of these cells. Lettuce is rich in dietary nutrients and hence the compound in it is converted to nitric acid in the body. The reduction in endothelial function can control cognitive decline and also reduce the chances of neurological diseases. Hence consuming lettuce is also good for brain health.

Cuts diabetes risk

Studies have shown that green veggies can reduce the chances of type 2 diabetes. This is due glycemic index of lettuce that can lower the rise of blood sugar levels. One cup of lettuce includes only a few calories. This is healthy addition to control diabetes. Lettuce includes lactuca xanthin that’s an anti-diabetic carotenoid that can cut down the glucose levels.

Lower cholesterol levels

Lettuce has other benefits as well. It can control even the highest levels of cholesterol. This often leads to cardiovascular diseases that are harmful and further cause heart attack, a recent study indicated that lettuce consumption can lower the risk of cholesterol in the body. Lipid peroxidation included in it is responsible to control cardiovascular attacks.

Controls anxiety

Lettuce includes anxiolytic properties in it that can control anxiety. This was explored during medieval times and is still been used to lower down the risk of anxiety.

Promotes digestive health

The fiber included in lettuce grants good digestive system that can control constipation and bloating. It can also control stomach pain. Lettuce is known to process variety of food items that can improve the intestinal health.

Bone health

Since lettuce has Vitamin K, A and C, it is also good for bones. Lettuce helps build connective tissues and also bone cells. Deficiency of vitamin A can lead to osteoporosis and increased chances of fractures. Vitamin C is known to fight depletion of bones. Lettuce can enhance bone health due to inclusion of several vitamins in it.

Good for pregnancy

Lettuce can reduce birth defects as well. It can also lower the chances of hemorrhaging. The fiber in it can prevent constipation which is an issue women generally face during pregnancy. Half cup of lettuce is ideal for pregnant women.

Improves muscle strength

The potassium included in lettuce can enhance your muscle strength. Eating green veggies especially lettuce can boost your overall health as well. That’s exactly the reason why Popeye always had lettuce, his muscles! Lettuce improves metabolism levels and acts as a source for energy in the body. This is not proved entirely and hence there’s no study on it as yet.

Keeps you hydrated

Lettuce is known to have 95% water in it and hence it can help you stay hydrated. That’s a major benefit associated with having lettuce.

Fights anemia

Lettuce contains florante that’s a nutrition combating anemia. It fights megaloblastic anemia which is a type where blood cells are large and underdeveloped.

Skin and hair health

Not just limited to health, but lettuce can also revitalise your skin due to vitamin A in it. The potassium helps in proper blood circulation, granting oxygen and nutrients to your skin. Vitamin C in it can protect the skin from UV rays that damage your skin otherwise.  The signs of aging are delayed and the fiber in it can also detox your system. This naturally offers glowing skin. All you need to do is wash your face with extracts of this juice.

Vitamin K can benefit your hair as well. It easily boosts each and every strand and prevents hair fall. Since it is high in potassium, the chances of graying of hair can lower down. Wash your hair with lettuce juice to notice the changes. Also, omega 3 fatty acid in it can benefit both your hair and skin.



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