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We all love to consume junk food and to be honest, we can never control ourselves from overeating. According to a research, we spend most of our money eating outside food. Occasionally, it won’t hurt, but if this is a habit of yours, to eat junk food all the time, you are welcoming immense side effects with it. Read further and find out all the information we have collected about junk food.

Sugar and fat

Outside food includes added sugar that has calories. Sodas majorly have almost 12 spoons of sugar them that’s really high on the charts of calories. Besides that, fried items, pastries, cookies etc. also have trans fat that’s not healthy. Eating items that will increase your LDL and diabetes are really bad. So control on this part to not have any side effect from junk food.


When three things like sugar, fat and sodium are combined, the food tastes really amazing. But this type of food can lead to water retention that can make you feel bloated after eating. This is dangerous as it could increase the chances of blood pressure. Sodium can instantly raise the BP level and also add stress to your heart and cardiovascular system as well. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t have more than 2300 mg of sodium per day.

Nervous system

Fast food will help you feel satisfied, but in the long run it has always proven to be a fail. People who consume fast food often are said to fall in depression later on in life than people who have it only occasionally.

Reproductive system

The ingredients infused in fast food can have a negative impact even in fertility. The processed food items have phthalates in them that are chemicals in real. They tend to interrupt in the formation of hormones in the body. When you are exposed to high levels of chemicals, it can lead to side effects on infants.

Skin, hair and your nails too

The junk food that you consume can also have side effects on your skin, hair and nails. Eating greasy food items can lead to acne breakouts. Food items that are rich in carb-rich foods can lead to blood sugar spike and also trigger sugar levels. When children and adolescents have fast food, they can also develop eczema which is a skin condition that leads to irritation and itchy sensation.


Fast foods are known to be filled with fats and calories as well. It can have negative effects on your weight as well. Hamburgers, patties, cheese, bacon, mayonnaise etc. have immense fat limit. Obesity can also lead to fatal diseases and in some cases cancer and asthma. It is advised that you control your weight by ignoring those deep fried items and largely proportionate plates.

Bone health

Carbs and sugar being included in junk food can increase acid in your mouth. These acids can lead to enamel and cavities can start developing with this issue. It can lead to other complications like breaking of bones especially when obesity is considered. Maintain a healthy diet hence to control the bone loss.

The risk of dementia

This is one of the scariest thing and I am sure you got chills too when you read it. Yes, consumption of junk food can lead production of insulin in the pancreas. The signals are carried by the insulin in the nerve cells that help form memories. But when you consume junk food, the brain stops responding and it can restrict your thinking or recalling abilities. Then there are chances of dementia in such cases.

The ability to control appetite is also less

Excess consumption of junk food means it will be fried and processed that can draw mixed signals for the brain. This is when you will overeat. Brain needs omega 6 and omega 3 as a fatty acid everyday. When there’s lack of it, it can lead to risk of bipolar disorder and other issues as well. Over consumption can increase the trans fat that causes digestion issues and it can cause inflammation also.



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