home remedies for itchy ears
home remedies for itchy ears

Sometimes even a small problem can lead to disasters and massive impact. One such issue is that of itchy ears. Didn’t a mere thought of it make you cringe after reading these lines? This issue only worsens leading to redness, foul smelling and discharge of pus from the ears. Other symptoms are redness on the outside, constant discharge and fever.

Follow these remedies mentioned below. The best part? They are available right in your house!

Clean the ears

Sometimes when ears are neglected, it can lead to inflammation. Regular cleaning of ears will help you keep up the hygiene level and steer clear of any deposition of dust or wax. You also need to get rid of moisture which usually happens in case of swimmers. This leads to accumulation of water. Damp condition leads to growth of fungi and bacteria in the ears that will further lead to itchiness. It is one of the easiest remedies for itchy ears.

Warm water

Using warm water is the best way to get rid of earwax that gets accumulated in your ears. The force of water will dislodge the wax.

Steps to follow:

a. Add water in the bulb syringe.

b. Tilt your head and straighten your ear canal.

c. Put the syringe right in your war. Use only small amount of water.

d. Wait for a minute and then let the water flow out as you tilt your head on the opposite side.

e. Clean the water and earwax. Follow the same steps for the other ear.

Gargle with warm water

Warm water has other benefits too. You can take steam or gargle with warm water to get rid of itchiness.

Some other things to try out:

a. Warm up small amount of milk and add a pinch of turmeric powder in it.

b. Drink this mixture at night and witness your ears feel better with this remedy.

Olive oil

This is a very well known process to eliminate itchy feeling inside ears. Yes, olive oil helps remove excess earwax and keeps the canal lubricated. It has antiseptic properties that can lower the chances of worsening the ear infection.

Steps to follow:

a. Lie on one side with your face upwards.

b. Gently pull the outer side of your and put two drops of lukewarm olive oil with the help of a dropper.

c. Massage your skin at the front so the oil flows in the right direction.

d. Remain in the same position for about 2 minutes.

e. Wipe off the extra oil and then repeat the same step for the other ear.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Itchiness can take place due to several reasons like allergic reactions or ear dryness. Many ear drops in the market comprise of hydrogen peroxide and so the real form of this one is quite helpful. It has the ability to dilute the wax and eliminate the excess from your ears.

Steps to follow:

a. Mix hydrogen peroxide with water and fill the dropper with this ear solution.

b. Tilt your head and put a few drops of it in your ear. Remain in the same position for some time.

d. Tilt your head on the other side and clean the excess solution and earwax.

e. Do the same method for the other ear.

Warm compress

Sometimes even acne can play up inside your ears that can lead to itchy sensation. It’s quite painful and to get rid of this problem, you need to take warm compress. The heat of warm compress reduces the burning sensation and irritation level. This can soften the acne and surface it down.

Steps to follow:

a. Soak a cloth in warm water and remove off the excess water from it.

b. Press this warm compress on one ear first for about 5 minutes.

c. Take help of a gentle cleanser to wash your ear.

d. Do this remedy for the other ear as well.

e. You can repeat this process twice a day.

Blow dryer

Blow dryer can help the trapped fluid and internal dampness fade with its heat.  A blow dryer comes quite handy to eliminate itchiness in your ears. The water inside your ears will convert into steam and eventually, come out of ears.

Steps to follow:

1. Pull your earlobe and hold a dryer about 12 inches away.

b. Set the dryer on heat to warm setting and air flow should be on low.

c. Turn it on and make sure your ear canal is your focus.

d. Do this on one side for about 30 seconds.

e. If need be, you can repeat the process.

Note: Do not follow this method for a longer duration as it could lead to complete dryness as well.

White vinegar

White vinegar is one of the remedies for itchy ears. It works best when you add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to it. The vinegar dissolves the wax and rubbing alcohol save your ears from drying. It helps evaporate any extra liquid deposited inside the ears. It also prevents infection and further damage.

Steps to follow:

a. Mix both white vinegar and rubbing alcohol together in a bowl and soak a cotton ball in it.

b. Tilt your head and squeeze the ball. Add 3 drops of this solution in your ear.

c. Wait for a while and now tilt your head on the other side. The wax will come out of your ear canal.

d. Remove it off with the help of an ear bud.



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