heat rashes on babies
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Babies are purest and most beautiful gifts by God. Every mother is concerned about her baby. As the heat approaches, all of us including babies start getting heat rashes on the body. Heat rash is nothing but the red bumps that appear on the body of the babies during the hot climate.

The major reason for heat rash is sweating. The pores of the baby’s skin get sweat and further cause to heat rashes. These rashes can also cause itching and irritation to the baby’s skin. They might not be painful but give uneasiness to the babies. So, we will discuss several ways to treat baby heat rash.

Baking soda

You can mix water and baking soda and apply on the body part where the babies get heat rashes with a clean cloth. This solution will instantly reduce the redness and irritation caused by heat rashes. Within a few days, the babies will get relief from heat rashes. Baking soda gives a soothing feel to the body of your baby.


The next on the list is Neem. It is known for its cooling properties. All you have to do is to make the paste of water and neem leaves and apply on the heat rashes. Keep the paste for some time and wash that part with cold water. This paste will give treat the heat rashes within 2 to 3 days.

Do not take babies outside

The sun is at a peak during the summer season and this can be dangerous for your babies. You should avoid taking babies outside as the scorching heat can worsen the heat rashes on the baby’s body. Keep the room of your babies cool and switch on the air conditioners and close the windows to prevent sunlight from coming in.

Aloe Vera

The next on the list is Aloe Vera. It has healing and soothing properties. You can squeeze out the gel from the leaves of Aloe Vera plant and apply on the affected areas of the baby’s body. Avoid using gel that has harmful chemicals. Choose the pure Aloe Vera gel for better results.

Keep them hydrated

Moisture is necessary to cure heat rashes of water. You must give water and fresh fruit juices to your babies every few hours. As the amount of moisture increases in the body, the heat is reduced automatically. This will give relief to your babies from heat rashes. Make sure to boil the water before giving it to your babies. This is one of the best methods to treat baby heat rash.

Sandalwood powder

This is one of the most effective remedies for heat rashes. You can combine sandalwood powder and rose water to apply on the rashes. This paste will cure the heat rashes quickly without side effects. Rose water also has cooling effects and gives great results when mixed with sandalwood powder. Apply this paste daily on the affected areas.

Loose fitting clothes

You must choose cotton clothes for your babies. Make sure the clothes are loose and do not cause discomfort to the body of babies. Loose fitting clothes will prevent the baby’s body from irritation, itching, and redness. Furthermore, you must avoid synthetic clothes made from nylon and other fabrics to give relaxation feeling to the baby.

Do not wrap the babies in a long cloth

Mothers love to wrap babies in clean cloth. But you must avoid doing it when they are affected by heat rashes. This will supply more heat to the body of the babies and they will feel irritated. Further, you should also avoid placing your babies in strollers and car seats.


The next on the list is a cucumber. It is one of the coolest things you can use to cure heat rashes of the babies. You can cut the slices of cucumber into a round shape and place them on the affected areas of the body. Another method is to make the juice of cucumber and apply on the heat rashes.


The last ingredient on the list is oatmeal. Give your baby a bath of oatmeal. All you have to do is to put oatmeal in the bathtub and put your baby in this tub. Bathe your baby for 20 minutes in this water and pat dry their body with a clean towel. Oatmeal bath is one of the best ways to cure heat rashes of the body.

These are few natural tips to treat baby heat rash within a few days. These ways will not cause ill effects in the body and treat rashes from the roots. Your baby will get a cool and relaxing feel in the body after trying these natural methods. Heat rashes are not major health issues in babies and can be cured with some remedies.



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