Get rid of keloids
Get rid of keloids

Everyone knows that scars are a normal part of life. Usually, people think that every scar comes along with a specific span of life. But sometimes the truth differs. Some scars get beyond the injury and eventually gets transformed into an extended and darker form of scar. This kind of scars is known as Keloids. It is possible that a keloid is a result even of a nominal injury. One terrible truth which relates directly with a keloid is that it expands more than just injured portion. These keloids possess of the gentle top layer and mostly generates in pink colour. Keloids are truly terrible because such scars never drift back over an expected period of time.

Keloids are scary in appearance. The chances of a scar to be keloid increases if it is on the neck, back, shoulders, face or hands. In case if a person is having a skin with more pigment then, it is too easy to get suffered from a keloid. Apart from ruining the beauty of that specific skin area Keloids attacks with discomfort and stiffness. Moreover, it causes irritation whenever comes in contact with a cloth. Itching is also one of the most common problems of a keloid.

Being the extended face of scars, it is difficult to treat keloids. But it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to treat keloids. At the present time, there is a number of productive medical solutions for getting rid of keloids. Staying away from piercing deep wounds cuts or any other injury protects you from Keloids. A keloid is nothing less than a rare personification of a scar. People with dark complexion are more prone to Keloids. Avoiding any sort of cosmetic surgery tends to be a huge defence from Keloids.

Causes of Keloids

It is shocking that even a little cut carries the scope of getting mould into a keloid. Some of the leading causes of keloids are as follows-

  • Burns

Burns is one of the most dominant causes of keloids. This is why we would like to suggest you that just don’t take a burn so lightly.

  • Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgeries are one of the most usual reason behind keloids.  This is why sometimes it is important to give a blow to any cosmetic surgery.

  • Acne

Being a critical kind of skin problem. Acne is the main cause of keloids.

  • Piercing

Believe it or not but Piercing is a prominent cause of Keloids. This is why ears are considered to be a crucial body part for getting hit with a keloid.

  • Tattoos

It’s good to be stylish. But if your skin is easy to get triggered by keloids then the tattoo is a big no for you. We are saying this because tattoos are an integral cause of keloids.

  • Insects bites

Apart from being a serious cause of several infections insect bites also serves as a tremendous cause of keloids.

  • Cuts

Cuts are the second most frequent cause of keloids. Whenever you get a cut make sure to attend an upright medical treatment.

  • Chicken Pox

Everyone out there is well verse with this disease. As this disease leaves behind a lot of scars it is also one of the most unexpected causes of keloids.

  • Skin Infections

Some skin infections bring scars too. This is the factor which makes skin infections to be a critical cause massive cause of Keloids.


  • Laser

The laser is a favourable remedy for treating Keloids. It is safe and comparatively least painful for the patient. But it is nearly impossible to get rid of keloid through laser in just one sitting. Laser treatment requires at least 4 to 5 sessions for eradicating a keloid properly.

  • Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy has emerged as one of the most trending remedies for Keloids. This medical, method involves the use of liquid nitrogen. But it may cause a darker effect on your skin after killing a keloid.

  • Steroid Injections

This is one of the most traditional medical technique of treating a keloid. As the name signifies this solution covers the use of steroid injections for removing the redness and appearance of keloids.

  • Tretinoin Cream

Tretinoin Cream is a common name of medicine which treats with some other skin issues too. This is why it is a fine way of waving goodbye to a keloid.

  • Silicone sheeting or gel

Silicone sheeting or gel is an eminent treatment for getting rid of keloid. More than that it curtails the risk of any type of side effect over your skin.

  • Lotion

A heavy lotion tends to be really helpful for the lighting effect of the keloid. For preferring this solution you need to get in touch with a skin specialist.



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