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It’s tough to understand our eating pattern sometimes and we tend to spend the whole day eating. Honestly, this is wrong practise because in real, your body doesn’t need so much food all the time. You need to take control of this situation and learn how to not overeat all the time as the repercussions of this one are advanced and cause problems later on in life. Here are a few things that you can do to control hunger.

Slow down the timing of your meals

We all have a tendency to eat at a faster pace, but what happens is when we don’t chew properly, our brain believes that we are hungry yet again. Ideally, a meal should take 30 minutes to finish. Chewing is the key and you need to follow this so you can enjoy your food and also not let your stomach feel sad about not eating rightly.

Drink more water than you need

Sometimes dehydration can also make you think that you are hungry, but in real you are just thirsty. People live in a chronic state ad a mild dehydration can lead to low energy leading to overeating. Drink a glass of water when this happens so you feel fueled again. This will cure your mind tricking you into eating more.

Enhance your food with flavours

It so happens that we don’t like what we eat at home, but that’s also probably due to lack to right spices  in the food. There are several ways to make the food taste great which will help you control hunger. You can add lemon to the food as it helps in metabolising food rightly. This helps in making one feel satisfied. Further, you can also try adding vinegar as it is also a flavour enhancer. Cinnamon is also another powerful ingredient that will help your digestive system and also control your hunger post your meal.

Liquid calories are a no no

Having liquid calories can also result in overeating. Consuming these drinks mean that your blood sugar won’t be under control and it would lead to hunger in no time. This is not helpful and it is obviously raising your calorie chart. No sugary sodas or beverages should be a part of your hunger regime. Instead, opt for herbal teas and others.

Have enough protein

Eating proteins can also help you feel full and make you eat less. They will deteriorate the time frame between the two meals. People who have eggs for breakfast lose weight as well than people who consume food rich in calories. So making proteins a part of your diet is must so your brain doesn’t cheat you once again.

Dark chocolate

You know there are days when you feel consuming a bite of perk or dairy milk? You have got to steer clear of that as that’s not mindful at all. In such cases, you can have dark chocolate as it can diminish your cravings for anything sweet. Research has also shown that it helps in slow digestion which can control hunger and make you feel full. It can also decrease your appetite and those hunger hormones.

Eat ginger

Ginger is also linked with many benefits and it also reduces the chances of nausea and inflammation in the body. A recent study has also shown its power for hunger reduction. Consuming ginger powder mixed with water during breakfast will help you control hunger. But this study still needs a proper depth as it is not entirely proven.

Eat food on smaller plates

Reducing the size of plates can also help you as you will cut down on the food your way. This will help you consume less without any sort of deprivation. The bottom line here is that eating in smaller plates will unconsciously help you control your hunger.



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