Egg yolk
Egg yolk

Humans are blessed with many foods from nature and animals. One of the most nutritious foods is eggs. From breakfast to beauty, eggs serve every purpose. They are used for both hair and skin due to their beautiful properties. Eggs are beneficial for hair growth. They do not only make the hair shiny but also stop it from breaking. Today, we will discuss how eggs can be used to stop hair loss and grow more hair on the scalp.

Benefits of applying egg yolk on the hair

Egg yolk is one of the best items for strong hair. This is the reason why many manufacturers use egg yolk in making shampoos and hair conditioners. There are several benefits of egg yolk for the hair. They are as under:

  • Brings shine to the hair

Eggs contain proteins which will add natural shine to the hair. Within some weeks, your hair will be strong as well as beautiful with shine.

  • Boosts hair growth

There is nothing like eggs for the growth of hair. The nutrients present in the eggs are good for hair growth. They provide nourishment to the scalp and grow hair on the bald patches of the head.

  • Makes the hair flexible

Moisture is necessary for the hair. The dry hair causes hair breakage. The protein called lutein in the egg yolk is beneficial for hair flexibility. Furthermore, eggs strengthen the hair and increase its elasticity.

  • Stop the hair loss

The egg yolk is good for the scalp. It helps in making the roots stronger and better by giving nourishment. By using eggs regularly on the scalp, you will get stronger roots than before. This will further give stronger and healthier hair within some weeks.

  • Repairs the dead skin

Due to lack of moisture, the skin of the scalp gets dry. This will further damage the root of the hair and make it weak day by day. Egg yolk repairs the keratin gaps which gives healthier roots.

How can eggs be used in strengthening the hair?

Every part of the egg can be used for making the hair stronger and healthier. The white, yolk and the whole of the eggs can be put in the hair for better growth and curbing hair loss. You can use eggs in various ways that are as under:

  • Egg yolk hair mask

Many women have the problem of dry hair. They can mix egg yolks and olive oil and make a hair mask. If you are also suffering from dryness in the hair, apply this mixture on your hair. Keep the mixture on the hair for 20 to 25 minutes and then wash it with water. This mixture works as the conditioner on the hair and gives nutrients to the scalp. Within a few weeks, you will get longer and healthier hair with natural shine.

  • Yogurt and egg mask

This is another way to use eggs for your hair. All you have to do is to take half cup yogurt, 1 egg and some drops of fresh lemon juice. Prepare a mask by mixing all ingredients and then apply on the hair. You have to keep this mixture for 45 minutes and then wash with cold or lukewarm water. This hair mask will make the hair stronger and healthier by giving it shine. It will also clean the scalp and make it stronger and healthier.

  • Henna and Egg

Hair loss is the most common problem found in both males and females today. You can take some fenugreek seeds, yolk and henna powder to make the hair mask. Keep this mixture for more than 1 hour on the hair and then wash with mild shampoo. Do not use hot water. This is one of the best hair conditioners you can try for both dry and oily hair. This mixture will stop hair loss and lead to hair growth.

  • Banana and egg

Make a hair pack by combining the pieces of bananas and whole egg and some drops of olive oil. Then apply this hair pack on the hair and keep it for 20 to 25 minutes. The next step is to wash the hair with cool water. Apply this hair pack once or twice in a week for healthier scalp and stronger hair roots.

In addition to that, you can use avocados, Aloe Vera gel, and castor oil and curd with eggs for stopping hair loss.

Eggs and egg yolk give faster results on the hair. They do not cause any side effects on the scalp or roots. Even if you use eggs daily on your hair, there are no negative effects.

So now, you know how eggs are effective on the hair scalp. You can try the above methods to curb hair loss, grow more hair on the scalp and giving a natural shine to the hair.



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