grey hair in kids
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Old people have grey hair and surely, this is way too common than anything! Their age and grey hair go in hand. But, if the same happens in children of small ages, is it really common? Well, not really! This is more annoying rather than shocking. Getting a tag of an ‘old man/lady’ in schools and colleges is no less than a nightmare for the children with grey hair. This not only leads to embarrassment but also gives them a premature look.

Just in case, your child is a victim of this grey hairs’ philosophy then there stands a need for you to know the exact reason responsible for the same. Looking out for some of the causes of grey hair in kids, we have listed them. Read further….

  • Deficiency of Vitamin B12
  • Malnutrition
  • Genetic procession
  • Anaemia
  • Internal weakness
  • Hormonal levels’ issues

To be true, nothing can beat the eminence of home remedies which have been prepared with the sole intention of swiping off grey hair. Unless yours is not a medical issue, you can easily undertake the usage of home remedies for the same.

Here are some of the best home remedies to enable your kids get rid of grey hair. Have a look:

Amla and coconut oil

Since, Amla is the most important constituent providing Vitamin C and coconut oil undoubtedly helps in stimulating your hair growth as well as moisturizing them, they are thus going to serve as an apt fusion. You just have to boil Amla in coconut oil till its colour transform into black. Later, on its cooling you are free to apply it on your hair as per your preferences.

Vitamin B

There is a need for you to ensure that your child is getting facilitated with the best minerals which lead to the improvement of your hair growth. Vitamin B is the most important out of these, and you should make sure that your child intakes it on daily basis. These include eggs, green leafy vegetables, chicken etc.

Butter made out of cow’s milk

It is confirmed that the butter formed out of cow’s milk shall be massaged on your hair’s scalps and it can lead to the eradication of grey hair on your child. It ensures that the black coloured pigment is not disappeared from the hair. You just have to apply it on the hair and then keep it free for an hour or so!

Curry leaves with coconut oil

Curry leaves are considered to be a highly efficient factor that can lead to a stoppage on the rapidly increase grey hair on your head. Boil the curry leaves in Coconut oil and then on cooling, apply that gently in your hair. It is surely going to work out with a high amount of satisfactory results.

Fusion of Amla juice and Almond oil

Amla is consisted with a huge amalgamation of anti-ageing benefits and thus, your premature grey hairs are going to stop on its consumption. On the other hand, Almond Oil facilitates the consumers with the vanishing of premature wrinkles as well as premature greying of hair. You shall surely apply a mixture of both on daily basis.

Foods rich in Vitamin A

Vitamin A is quite necessary for the people especially for those who are experiencing anti-ageing symptoms. They provide you a healthy hair growth with high amount of proficiency. Some of the majorly prominent sources of Vitamin A are yellow fruits & vegetables, spinach. Carrots, squash, milk, cheese and butter.

Food rich in Iodine

Iodine plays an indispensable role in providing you a hair growth and that too in a proper manner. You can get the apt amount of Iodine from varied sources which include onions, carrots, egg yolks etc. Also, iodized salt is one of the most preferred sources of Iodine intake.

Food rich in proteins

Melanin is produced by proteins that acts as a pigment responsible for the facilitation of black colour to your premature hair. Turkey, cereals, chicken as well as eggs are some of the most prominent sources of proteins. Consume them and witness the difference.

Home remedies are the most trusted ones. They have been a part of varied treatments whether big or small since the bygone era when there was no existence of medical studies and science. The aforementioned home remedies are some of the best ones, however if you try and search for more you are going to witness a plethora of these treatments. But, we truly don’t want you to get confused on the same. Thus, we chose out the finest treatments out of the whole plethora available and now you are going to experience the best remedies and feel young just like your actual age with no embarrassment and confidence in your body language.



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