Face wash for oily skin in India
Face wash for oily skin in India

Keeping your face clean and healthy can be a task, especially when you have oily skin to deal with. And no matter how much ever you try to eliminate it, the oiliness tends to come back over and over again. The chances are that the face wash you have been using is probably not designed for your skin type. Below is the list of face wash for oily skin in India.

Oily skin texture needs extra care. Imagine you have makeup on and suddenly there’s a blot of oiliness on your skin. No one likes to have a shiny face unless there’s highlighter on it. Now, without any further banter, we are about to give you a good list of faces washes that are best suited for your oily skin texture. This face washes with their natural ingredients will keep your skin free from oil and any grime getting accumulated.

1. Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash

Himalaya is one brand that has stayed around for years now and if you have not tried this face wash yet, you must give it a shot. It has an herbal formula and is the best remedy for oily skin. This face wash steer clears of impurities and removes excess oil. It also clears clogged pores. If you have acne-prone skin, this face wash with its turmeric properties will keep it away.

Not just that, Neem has antibacterial properties and it helps to even the skin tone as well. This face wash will definitely make your skin supple and clear. Try it out.

2. Plum Green Tea Pore Cleansing Face Wash

Plum is a brand that’s getting a lot of attention of late and that’s also because of its product that is quite helpful for oily skin. This is a soap-free and is a mild cleansing face wash that’s filled with the goodness of green tea. The extracts work as an antioxidant for your skin and keep it enriched.

It also has glycolic acid that combats the excess oil and keeps your skin soft. The light scrub also removes the grime accumulated on your face. It’s an affordable drug store face wash to opt for!

3. Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser

The name in itself says everything about Neutrogena’s facewash. This facial cleanser pampers your skin like none other and makes it soft and supple. It also dissolves all the dirt and steers clear of any dirt.

If you have dead skin cells, this face wash removes it all with its goodness. Neutrogena facial cleanser is a good option for people with oily skin as it keeps skin refreshed and also clears clogged pores. 

4. Mamaearth Tea Tree Face Wash

You must have seen loads of ad of Mama Earth brand. The face wash of this brand claims that it can fight acne as well with its tea tree properties. Tea tree as an ingredient has been known since ages for its properties. The face wash controls your skin from producing excess oil.  The skin remains firm and healthy. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, your skin will always glow!

5. Pond’s Pure White Anti-Pollution + Purity Face Wash

This face wash by Ponds is a good choice as it contains activated charcoal that has the ability to remove all the dirt particles which get stuck in the skin. Besides clearing the face oil, this face wash also brings about radiance by removing dead skin cells and goes even deeper to clean out all the impurities from the skin. The activated charcoal-infused in this one acts as a magnet and removes all the grime from your Women with sensitive skin can also go for this face wash. 

6. Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash

Clean and Clear Foaming Face Wash is designed to cleanse your skin quite thoroughly. Even though this one is the most inexpensive face wash available in the market, it still works wonders. This one lathers well on the skin and eliminates all the dust particles.

Not just that, with this cleansing face wash you don’t need a makeup remover as it clears everything in one wash. The liquid formula goes deeper in the skin and doesn’t cause any dryness. Use it regularly and notice substantial changes in your skin and complexion. 

7. Lotus Herbals Tea Tree And Cinnamon Anti-Acne Oil Control Face Wash

All the face washes under Lotus Herbals have the goodness of natural ingredients. When it comes to your oily skin texture, Lotus Herbals Tea Tree And Cinnamon Anti-Acne Oil Control Face Wash is the one that lets you have oil-free skin. It regulates sebum production and also clears dry patches on the skin.

The face wash will hydrate your skin without a doubt. The cinnamon acts as a cleanser and also improves blood circulation, giving you refreshed and youthful skin. 

8. Oriflame Love Nature Tea Tree Cleansing Gel

Oriflame Love Nature Tea Tree Cleansing Gel cleanses your skin by removing all the oil from your skin. This is a water-based gel face wash that clears all the impurities, excess sebum and removes all the blemishes as well. 

Your skin will definitely feel hydrated. This face wash is also known to act on acne-prone skin and it reduces further breakout. If you are tired and don’t feel like removing your makeup, use this face wash and notice it remove it all within seconds. It is one of the best face wash for oily skin in India.

9. Himalaya Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash

Himalaya herbals face wash, especially the lemon face wash is known for its herbal formulation that cleanses your face and also removes excess oil. The lemon extracts present in this one act as an astringent and a cooling agent.

The face wash cleanses the skin with its properties without letting your skin look too dry. The face was is also known to face freckles, spots, and blackheads. 

10. VLCC Melia Face Wash For Oily Skin

The VLCC face wash is a purifying option that has the Melia extract in it that controls the excess sebum production by the sebaceous gland. The properties of Melia deeply purifies the skin and the agents are also beneficial for the acne-prone skin. Try this one out and you won’t ever regret the decision!

11. Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser

Cetaphil is a cleanser that’s a great remedy for oily skin and is one of the best face wash for oily skin in India . This face wash is dermatologist recommended. The gentle action of this face wash rinses easily and removes all the oil without clogging your pores. It doesn’t irritate the skin. Not just that, this face wash also removes the makeup. Use this face wash twice a day to see effective results.

12. Forest Essentials Mashobra Honey, Lemon and Rosewater Facial Cleanser

Forest essentials products are a bit on an expensive side but even then they work wonders. It is a luxury Ayurveda brand. It is a cleanser that has infused lemon and honey in it that’s suitable for sensitive and oily skin. The cleanser also has added the benefit of rosewater which works as a natural astringent. Good and supple-looking skin is just a few steps away. Try this one out!

13. Aroma Magic Neem and Tea Tree Face Wash

Aroma magic facewash has gained a lot of recognition and this is a super affordable brand. This cleanser has herbal ayurvedic properties in it that maintain the oil balance. It also lightens the acne scars and blemishes from the skin. The vitamins present in this face wash are sure to keep your skin healthy.

14. The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser

The Body Shop brand is quite a well-known brand. This face wash is designed with tea tree infused properties. This cleanser foams instantly and is a good choice for everyday use as well. The formula in it is quite mild that works on blemishes and also clear off the excess oil. Your skin will feel light and fresh. 

15. Patanjali Neem Tulsi Face Wash

Immerse your skin in the purity of natural ingredients with neem and tulsi infused, this face wash by Patanjali is a blissful choice for your oily skin. This face wash is also suitable for people with acne-prone skin. The antifungal and antibacterial properties in it can help unclog the pores and remove excess oil. The product is organic and will lead to no side effects. 

16. Clean and Clear Deep Action Oil Control Face Wash

Sebamed Clear face wash is for oily skin that helps the skin get rid of oily texture. This face wash maintains the pH balance of the skin, leaving it healthy and supple. It also clears pimples and blackheads.

17. L’Oreal Go360 Anti Breakout Facial Cleanser

Next in the list of face wash for oily skin in India is from L’Oreal. L’Oreal is one brand that we have known for its wide range of cosmetic products but it also has a range of face wash that works as a remedy for oily skin. This face wash is also the best-suited one for breakouts.

The ingredients include salicylic acid that totally removes the clogged residues in the skin. The anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties of peppermint leaves in this one is a perfect fit for your skin.

18. Biotique Bio Pineapple Oil Balancing Face Wash

How can we forget Biotique ever? This brand is known for its natural, organic ingredients. This face wash not only works on oily skin but also helps in evening out the skin tone. It has botanical extracts and comes in pure form. It is also paraben-free which makes it a safe choice for sensitive skin as well.

The face wash includes pineapple extract, clove oil and also neem leaves that work well together and remove all the excess oil from the skin. The deep cleansing action of this face wash truly deserves accolades. 

19. SoulTree Nutgrass Face Wash With Neem & Chamomile

Here’s another organic product for your skin. You may not have heard this name quite a lot but the customers of this brand have shown great satisfaction towards this brand. The formula is soap-free. It cleanses the skin quite well and removes excess oil quite effectively. The chamomile extract, nutgrass and mandarin oil in it go deep inside the skin and remove all the impurities.

All the natural ingredients present in this face wash keep the skin looking healthy and supple. And, if you have acne, go for this face wash as it’s a safe bet. It is one of the best face wash for oily skin in India.

20. Olay Acne Control Face Wash 

A brand that’s known to control aging also has a range that helps control oily skin texture. This oil-free cleanser by Olay controls oiliness and also cleanses the skin very effectively. The pores get unclogged with it and you will have spotless looking skin in a matter of few weeks. The Salicylic acid present in this Olay face wash fights acne and balances the oil production of the skin.

21. Jovees Tea Tree Oil Control Face Wash

A great face wash to control oil on your face lives in the world of Jovees. Jovees tea tree oil contol face wash is made from pure, natural items handpicked from botanical gardens. The extracts of aloe, tea tree, apple juice, and cucumber are added in this one to make a soothing mixture for oily skin texture. Tea tree oil as an ingredient acts as cooling agent for the skin, leaving you with refreshed skin. This face wash is a perfect type for sensitive skin as well. 

22. Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Neem Face Wash

Garnier is quite a known brand for its skincare products. One such item that does wonders for the skin has to be Skin Naturals Pure Active Neem face wash. Get rid of oily skin with just two washes using this face wash. It comes with the goodness of mint extracts that works as a cooling agent. This facial cleanser prevents breakouts and lathers well on the skin.

It is important to adapt to a lifestyle that caters well to your oily skin. And just using an oil-free face wash won’t be enough. Taking care of your diet and following a basic skincare routine will help you further. So fight grease like never before and say yes to best face washes for oily skin in India.



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