Face wash for oily skin in India

Face wash for oily skin in India

Keeping your face clean and healthy can be a task, especially when you have oily skin to deal with. And no matter how much ever...

What is Paresthesia

What exactly is Paresthesia? Paresthesia is an unusual feeling or sensation in the body which causes things such as numbness, itching, burning,...
facial benefits

Amazing Benefits of Oxygen Facial for Glowing

It is time to face the bitter truth that no miracle happens overnight. Everyone craves for glowing and clear skin, isn’t it? But how many...
Get rid of keloids

How to get rid of Keloids

Everyone knows that scars are a normal part of life. Usually, people think that every scar comes along with a specific span of life. But...
heat rashes on babies

How to treat baby heat rash

Babies are purest and most beautiful gifts by God. Every mother is concerned about her baby. As the heat approaches, all of us including babies...

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