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Most of us are night time eaters and we are unable to control it. We generally tend to binge eat salty or sugary items at night without realising their side effects. You should know that this leads to obesity and that’s definitely not good for your overall health. You will be glad to know that there are some ways you can control your night time binge eating.

Before we move ahead, let’s see what causes night time binge eating.

Your binge eating can be due to several reasons. You didn’t have proper dinner, you are watching something, doing something on your laptop or you are just bored. The main cause behind all this is stress or anxiety. It could also happen if your routine is not right. If you don’t have sufficient breakfast or don’t drink enough water it can lead to night time cravings. You need to make conscious efforts to control this issue.

Read below to find ways to eliminate night time cravings.

Some people think that this is not possible, but tiny steps and you will see the results.

Find your triggers

Find out what makes you have a glass of coke or chips. There are two things involved, hunger or cravings. Hunger takes place in a course of time and craving has an instant effect. You might feel hungry if your dinner doesn’t include nutrient filled food. There could be emotional triggers as well. Some days are bad and some days you feel stressed. This can be challenging and you might binge eat. Start slow but look out for these issues and work on it.

Hormone check

Hormones like Ghrelin, leptin and cortisol in our body decide what to eat. The imbalance levels of these hormones can lead to hunger and also over-eating. In case you are a diabetic patient, it could lead to insulin resistance. You will wish to consume sugary items that convert glucose into fat. Leptin, is known to understand if you are satisfied with the food. Ghrelin is a hunger hormone. When you have erratic food habits it can lead to imbalance and disrupt your cycle. Another hormone called Peptide YY is like Leptin that tells the brain to eat more food if your diet has less nutritional value.

Plan your meal

Once you find your triggers, it will be easier for you to work on it. Munching food after dinner definitely has side effects. Planning can be boring but this is exactly what will help you at the end of the day. Your lifestyle will be maintained and you won’t put on weight that was not required. Write in your journal what you wish to eat. Make sure your diet doesn’t have more than 1500 calorie diet. If it does, cut down slowly. Write the plan for the next day to make sure you stick to the routine. There are many apps that tell you exactly about your calorie consumption. Download and take the first step.

Kitchen makeover

Since your eating habits have not been great in the past, it’s time to cleanse your kitchen and give it a makeover with healthy food items. Get rid of all the unhealthy, junk food you have stored. Take a grip and head to your local grocery store. Stow things like vegetables, fish, protein items (Chicken, eggs, fish, nuts, ghee etc). Include olive oil in your diet. Opt for herbs and spices. Avoid creamy items, cheese, chocolate, icecream. Some veggies and fruits you must avoid are mango, grapes, jackfruit and sweet potato.

Grab filling breakfast

Now that you have all the basic things in place, you have tackled the first step and you can move towards having a healthy breakfast. A high calorie diet is a big no. Get up a bit early and have a wholesome meal. Breakfast fuels the whole day and energises you so you can keep going all day long. It also helps control your binge eating at night.

Drink enough water

Between your meals, having water is very important. Adequate amount of water will keep you hydrated. Set a reminder for yourself on your phone to have water regularly. You can also make a detox drink with cucumber and mint leaves. It will make water more appealing and chances of you drinking enough water will also increase. It helps boost metabolism. Sometimes we binge eat misunderstanding the fact that we are just actually thirsty. Keep this in mind and follow a routine.

No distraction while you eat

You might be eating the right things but even then you noticed no changes. Chances are that you were distracted while consuming your meals. During your eating hours, you are advised to keep your food the focus and not netflix. This will help you feel fuller and enjoy the meal too. When you notice your consumption, your mind automatically stops overeating.


Breathing and calming yourself is also one of the practices you must indulge in. Stress can also lead to binge eating at night. Meditation is a cure. It can be a bit difficult to find time in the beginning but once you start, you will notice changes gradually in your daily life. Chant ‘Om’ or listen to soothing music. Getting a foot massage or spa can also be beneficial.

Brush your teeth

Did you know that brushing your teeth can stop any sort of craving? The taste of paste signals the brain that it’s bedtime and you can’t consume more food. Mint is always a cure to night time binge eating.



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